monarchist party

monarchist party

monarhistička stranka

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  • American Monarchist Party — The American Monarchist Party is a United States political party,dubious an outgrowth of the independent American Monarchist Society which was founded March 25, 1999 by Manoutchehr M. Eskandari Qajar, Head of the Political Science department of… …   Wikipedia

  • People's Monarchist Party (Italy) — The People s Monarchist Party ( Partito Monarchico Popolare ) was a conservative party founded in 1954 by a split from the National Monarchist Party. It was led by Achille Lauro, long time Mayor of Naples. In 1959, after the good result in the… …   Wikipedia

  • People's Monarchist Party — The People s Monarchist Party ( Partido Popular Monárquico , pron. IPA2|pɐɾ tidu pupu laɾ mu naɾkiku) is a political party in Portugal. It was founded in 1974 by various groups opposing the Estado Novo, in the context of the Carnation Revolution …   Wikipedia

  • Parliamentary Monarchist Party — The Parliamentary Monarchist Party (PMP) ( fr. Parti Monarchiste Parlementaire), a small royalist party in Burundi. It was founded by Guillaume Ruzoviyo in August 2001. [ [ Burundi: Parties without a seat …   Wikipedia

  • Monarchist National Party — Partito Nazionale Monarchico Leader Alfredo Covelli Founded June 13, 1946 (1946 06 13) …   Wikipedia

  • monarchist — [[t]mɒ̱nə(r)kɪst[/t]] monarchists ADJ GRADED If someone has monarchist views, they believe that their country should have a monarch, such as a king or queen. ...the tiny monarchist party. Syn: royalist Ant: republican N COUNT A monarchist is… …   English dictionary

  • Monarchist Alliance — Alleanza Monarchica Leader Franco Ceccarelli …   Wikipedia

  • Party of the Future — The Partij van de Toekomst (Party of the Future) is a satirical political party of the Netherlands. The party is often named The Party Party because their program is heavily based on more parties and more fun in general, even suggesting there… …   Wikipedia

  • Party of Democratic Reform (Russia) — The Party of Democratic Reform was a liberal monarchist bourgeois political party in Russia, founded at the beginning of 1906 during the elections to the First Duma, from elements who found the Cadet programme too Left. The party had ceased to… …   Wikipedia

  • Monarchy Party — The Monarchy Party was a student political party that formed independently on two campuses across the United States. The first group was formed around 1970 at the University of Maryland, College Park by Greg Canter (also known as Barchan of… …   Wikipedia

  • Italian Democratic Party of Monarchist Unity — Since 1961 the Italian Democratic Party of Monarchist Unity (Partito Democratico Italiano di Unità Monarchica, PDIUM) was the continuation of the Italian Democratic Party (Partito Democratico Italiano), a monarchist party founded in 1959 by the… …   Wikipedia

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